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We eat, sleep and breathe travel. It’s in our blood. We’ve explored every corner of this beautiful earth to curate our favorite places and experiences to share with you.


We believe that travel provides answers to questions you didn’t know you had. The lessons learned will build confidence, inspire ambition and give you a greater appreciation for this world and the people within. These lessons are ones that cannot be taught in a classroom or learned in a textbook, but rather experienced first-hand.

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We believe in having fun. Our programs are designed to maximize every day, every hour into an experience you’ll never forget. We want you smiling and laughing until you need a nap. Life can be too serious sometimes, let us all remember how precious this life is and to really truly remember what it’s like to have some genuine fun.

What our CUSTOMERS say

“Hands down the best experience of my life. The people I met and things I saw had an impact on me that I did not expect. I truly feel it was a trip that made me more confident and passionate about life.” Susie R | Grosse Pointe, MI

“I traveled with Scott to Thailand and Costa Rica, those trips were filled with pivotal experiences that made me want to explore the world more. Since then I have been to inspired to travel and learn about other cultures every opportunity I get. My time exploring with Scott is something I am forever thankful for and still think about how lucky I was to be able to that to this day.Chris S | Boston, MA